Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun Videos from Austin!

I got a couple of really cute quick videos while we were in Austin. This first one is of Kat and Jordan being silly together. They came up with this the first day while we were waiting for Sean to get home from work - and then they did it for the rest of the weekend. Jordan loves to watch it on the computer now.

We spent a lot of time at the pool which was so fun! Drew loved the water and will probably be thrilled when he is able to swim on his own. I am learning more every day that this one likes to GO, and thus far he isn't affraid of anything. He loves to explore ... and he doesn't meet a stranger. Does this remind you of anyone (hint: he looks just like him)???

And of course - Jordan LOVES to swim! This is her first year in floaties and she is doing great. Each time we got in the pool she was more confident. She is such a big girl!!

Fun Times in Austin!!

I did it!!! I made a trip with the kiddos all by myself - and they did great! We headed down to Austin on Tuesday and stopped in Dallas to see DD and Nancy which was very fun! The kids did well, but were very ready to get out of the car. We swam and played - Jordan was in heaven and Drew was Mr. Wiggle Worm as usual - especially after being in the car all day. Then on Wednesday we headed on down to Austin to see Aunt Kat (or "Tat" as Jordan calls her) and Uncle Sean. We had so much fun!!! We swam, played ping pong, watched airplanes, went shopping, went out to eat (Jordan ate like there was no tomorrow - it was amazing), and just played with Tat and Sean. Jordan is at such a fun age where you can really start bonding with her - and I must say that she misses Tat a lot! But we had such a great time!

Thankfully - Mom flew into Austin on Thursday night and rode back to LR with me. Praise the LORD!! I could not have done that one on my own. The kids did awesome. Drew had about a 45 mintue window where he was pretty miserable - but we gave him a bottle and that settled him down. We are headed up to Kansas City next week which we are super excited about - but we are planning some strategic stops on the way to really let the kids get some energy out! Here are a few pictures from our trip. Kat got the best pics though! We miss you Tat and Sean!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cade's Birthday at JUMP ZONE!!

Cade had his 4th birthday party at Jump Zone and it was so much fun!!! The kids had a ball and played hard. Jordan loves to slide so she was in heaven - and Drew got to slide and bounce a few times as well. I cannot believe that Cade is 4 years old!!

First Haircuts!

I never thought that I would take both my kids for their first haircut at the same time - crazy! We went to a really cute place in town called Pigtails & Crewcuts that is designed just for kids which made it more fun for them. Jordan sat in a yellow car and Drew sat in a red airplane - and they did great. Jordan was happy because of her sucker! We really just got trims for the most part - but they both look older, especially Jordan. She also lost most of her curls which makes me sad, but I like the length. Drew was a wiggle worm as usual which made it a little tricky. We had to touch up the sides later. But all in all - we were happy with their cuts and it made for a fun outting! Here are a few pics from the day!