Thursday, June 21, 2012

One BIG Summer!!

When I think about our summer it is all a bit amazing, daunting, ridiculous and hysterical all at the same time!  We have so much fun news to share - I almost don't know where to start ... almost - hehe!

Of course I must start off with introducing you to our precious little boy, Shepherd Bryan Crowley!  He was born on June 8 at 1:59pm.  He was 7.25 lbs and 20 inches long and absolutely perfect.  Thus far he has been super laid back and such a sweetheart.  We are all truly in love!  Here are a few pics!

Secondly - Bryan graduated from Denver Seminary!!!  I could NOT be more proud of my amazing man.  He now has a Masters in Christian Formation and Soul Care - and he has truly learned so much.  It has been a tough road - but well worth it.  To quote him, "This spring semester was chalked full of classes (16 credits) and just about buried me, but God was faithful to supply the right amount of rest and resolve in order for us to make it through to graduation."

It was a special day when he walked - it felt like a great ending to a long journey.  And that afternoon he flew back to Arkansas for a job interview - which leads us to our next big announcement!

We have accepted a job at Fellowship Bible Church in Cabot, Arkansas!!  Bryan will be the Family Pastor and we could NOT be more excited!  This is a satellite campus of our home church in Little Rock, so it is somewhat familiar and yet very new.  We will be working alongside some very dear friends which is a huge blessing.  We are just eager to get there and dive in.

The way that God brought us to this point and this position could only be a work of His hand - which is so affirming.  We had actually been approached about the position a few other times but just never really gave it much serious thought.  We had a lot of assumptions (wrong ones) and it just didn't seem like the right fit.  And then Bryan got a text from Brad Herndon one day this spring asking if we were sure we weren't interested in the role.  We just laughed at how this job kept resurfacing - so we decided that we needed to at least pray about it and see what the Lord was up to.  It was astounding how quickly our attitudes began to change and we found ourselves drawn to find out more.  To make a long story short - within a few weeks we truly felt that God was at work and when Bryan went to visit after graduation - he walked away feeling like Cabot was the place for us.  Amazing!  His start date is July 15!!

And our last bit of news is that we have a contract on a house already!  I have not laid eyes on this house in person - which is hysterical to me!!  The first time I set foot in it will be the day that we close (July 9).  But Bryan, my Mom and Katherine have all seen it and they all said the same thing - this is the house for us!!  You would not believe the things that I am most excited about with this house - a garage, a pantry, 2 bathrooms, ceiling fans, a laundry room, a linen closet and just space!!  I wasn't gonna be too hard to please on this move.  Our apartment has been great - but we are ready for a place to really call home.  Here is a picture!  Isn't it cute!?

I truly cannot thank you all enough for supporting and encouraging us through this crazy journey!  We have been so blessed with friends and family!  Thank you for your prayers, for keeping up with us, for financial support, for EVERYTHING!  We could not have made it these 2 years without your constant support.  It has been felt and has made a huge impact on us.  We are forever grateful.

Here are a few more fun pics from the past month or so!

Our girl graduated too!!!  On to Kindergarden next year!  WOW!

Love these two boys!

Fun at ITZ Pizza - they had a ball!

  Happy Father's Day Bryan!  We love you!!!