Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Girl, Mid Term ... and Thank You.

How in the world can it be October 27!?  September seemed to crawl by like a snail, whereas October is flying by so fast I almost missed it!  It has been a busy month to say the least!

First - and most importantly - our baby girl turned 4 years old!  Her birthday weekend was so much fun.  My Mom and Cade (our nephew and Jordan's buddy) came to visit and Jordan was in heaven!  As if that wasn't enough fun, we had a birthday party at the park and all of her new friends were there.  It was a beautiful fall morning which was a huge answer to prayer.  And although we had to relocate at one point, it turned out to be a perfect picnic and the kids played, fed the ducks, ate doughnuts and chocolate chip pumpkin muffins - and the adults got to just relax and visit.  All in all - a success on all counts!  Here are a few pics:

I also HAVE to include this picture which just makes me laugh!  Cade and Jordan being so silly after bath time!

So we started off the month with a BANG and didn't stop moving from there.  Bryan has been working 5 nights a week and class on 1 night as well.  He is keeping up with his school work which is a blessing and I am SO proud of him.  We are at the half way point of this first semester!!  We were talking the other day about where we are right now and we just kinda looked at each other and said, "We're doing it."  After the long journey of getting here and the challenges that we are facing now, God is sustaining us and we are moving forward.  I think it will feel really good to have a whole semester under our belts come December.  We will be thankful for a long break as well!  We have booked our tickets to be in Little Rock for Christmas and are hoping to hug as many people as we can while we are there! 

The kids are awake now so I need to wrap this up ...

I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to all of you who have supported us and have been praying for us.  My last post entitled "Money" was a hard one to write and your responses have meant so much to us.  It is humbling on so many levels to raise support and it has taught us so much.  I am thankful to report that we have raised 44.5% of our overall need.  God is so faithful ... and we are clinging to that promise!  We have come to the realization that while Bryan's job is a blessing and is filling in the gap some ... he is not making enough for the time he is putting in.  The restaurant simply isn't busy enough so he isn't able to make what he needs to be making.  SO - we are praying for a new job.  He is going to start working on that today.  He would LOVE to get a job in ministry since that is what he has been doing and wants to do!  But he is open to a lot of things.  So with all that in mind ... here are a few prayer requests:

-  Please pray that Bryan would find a new job.  He doesn't have a lot of spare time to put much effort into this, so my prayer is that the job would find him.

- Bryan asked me yesterday how I was doing on a heart level.  Well - to be honest I have no idea.  I feel like I am dealing with all the immediate stuff that I haven't thought too much about my needs.  My time with the Lord has been so sweet which I am thankful for ... but being a wife and mommy has pretty much been all that I do throughout the day.  So how is Corrie doing ... good question.  I am trying to figure that out.

- Finances.  Sorry for the repetition on this one.

Love you all and thank you for sticking with us.  We don't know what we would do without all of you in our corner.