Monday, October 29, 2012

ALL Things New!

Transition.  By definition it means: "passage from one state, stage, subject or place to another."  Well, we have changed states - we are in a new stage with 3 kids - we have a new job - and we moved into a new community.  I think it is safe to say that the past 4 months have been a time of TRANSITION for the Crowley family.

It has been so long since I have posted - so much has happened - so many emotions felt - so many new memories - so many laughs - so many tears - so many answered prayers - so many prayers having yet to be answered ... I literally don't know where to begin without this being the longest and most scatter-brained post in the history of blogging!  So with that being said - I will forge into the fuzziness of my brain and attempt to give a concise update on our new life here in Cabot.

We love it here and are truly thankful for God's amazing provision in bringing us to Cabot, Arkansas.  We love our new home (it wasn't until we moved in that I truly realised how on top of each other we were in our sweet little apartment in Colorado).  We are constantly thankful for every square inch - for the laundry room, the second bathroom, the garage, the pantry, the bonus room above the garage, the yard ... the space!!  It is quickly becoming "home" - and that has been such a blessing to this mama's heart.

The people here are wonderful and we are really excited about deepening so many new relationships.  There is just something to be said about a small town.  We love our church. Bryan loves his job.  Again - so many answered prayers.  I could go on - but I'm trying to being brief so I can cover more!

I have started my own business!  I am now a Thirty-One Consultant and could NOT love it any more!  Thirty-One offers cute affordable bags, totes, purses and accessories.  This has been such a fun outlet for me and something that is just mine.  It has nothing to do with me being a wife or a mom.  It gives me time with other women and a chance to encourage and love on others.  Such a blessing!  If you are interested in hearing more or hosting a fun laid-back girl's night - let me know!!  Check out my site at

Individual Updates:

Jordan - now in Kindergarten!  What!?  She loves school and is such a student - she loves to learn.  She is making some sweet friends and is growing like a weed.  She is such a sweet sister to her little brothers and is mama's little helper.  I am so thankful for my girl.

Drew - my little monkey!  He is loving special Drew time while sister is at school.  He loves to play games, and wants be with me constantly (a little exhausting at times - but I love it too).  He smothers his baby brother - quite literally.  He loves him so much.  Drew is his Daddy's boy - He is wired so much like Bryan which is adorable and I love it!  But it is funny how sometimes that can drive Bryan crazy - it is hysterical to watch.  He makes us laugh all the time.

Shephered - I don't think it is possible for this kid to get any cuter!  He is a sweetie pie and just a content kid.  I needed that with this one.  He is finally starting to sleep through the night some - so the fog is starting to lift a bit (Mama's - you know what I am talking about).  But our sweet Shep is such a delight and constant source of joy.  I feel like I fought hard for that boy my whole pregnancy so He is truly a reminder to me that God can sustain me.  And He promises to do so!

Bryan - the job is good.  The community is great!  He is loving NOT having school work - that is still sinking in some.  God is growing him and stretching him in new ways but it is so good.  We are both tired but loving our life.  God gave me such a good man.  I love him more every day.

Me - oh y'all ... I am the clay and He is the Gracious Potter.  I am such a jumble of emotions and thoughts that I have a hard time getting complete sentences out now-a-days.  For those of you who are new friends - that is not normally me.  It is like I have asked my brain to process way too much over the last 4 to 6 months and it keeps freezing up on me like an old computer.  As if having another baby wouldn't do that already, we went ahead and moved states, changed jobs and have completely started over.  And I couldn't be happier with where we are - but honestly, I just need some time to download everything!  I really haven't felt like my "normal self" in months - I kinda miss that girl.  I do think that I have been catching quick glimpses of her since Shep has slept through the night some in the last week!  Encouraging!

I feel like I would not be giving an accurate update on our life if I wasn't honest with the fact that I have been struggling with anxiety some again.  This past week was actually pretty rough.  But God is continuing to draw me closer to Himself and show me more of who HE is ... and boy it is enough to bring me to my knees ... actually, throw me flat on my face is probably more accurate.  He is rocking me to my very core and it is scary and it hurts ... but I know it is for my good.  He is deepening me and refining me once again.  But I am so thankful that He is not content to let me coast.  He wants my attention and my love ... what a strange and wonderful God we serve.  I am thankful for His promises that He will never leave or forsake us.  So I will take courage and let Him do His work ... the work that only He can do.  And just maybe I will look a little more like His Son in the end.

Well - this still ended up being pretty long.  But hopefully that catches us up even though I left plenty out!  And of course - any post of mine would not be complete without some pictures to share!  Sometimes these do better at updating than words.

Drew turns 4!  Cute boy!

 Happy Shep!

 The Annual James Family Lake Trip (ready for a balloon fight)

My boys!

Jordan turns 6!  Sweet girl!

Ever Thankful,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

One BIG Summer!!

When I think about our summer it is all a bit amazing, daunting, ridiculous and hysterical all at the same time!  We have so much fun news to share - I almost don't know where to start ... almost - hehe!

Of course I must start off with introducing you to our precious little boy, Shepherd Bryan Crowley!  He was born on June 8 at 1:59pm.  He was 7.25 lbs and 20 inches long and absolutely perfect.  Thus far he has been super laid back and such a sweetheart.  We are all truly in love!  Here are a few pics!

Secondly - Bryan graduated from Denver Seminary!!!  I could NOT be more proud of my amazing man.  He now has a Masters in Christian Formation and Soul Care - and he has truly learned so much.  It has been a tough road - but well worth it.  To quote him, "This spring semester was chalked full of classes (16 credits) and just about buried me, but God was faithful to supply the right amount of rest and resolve in order for us to make it through to graduation."

It was a special day when he walked - it felt like a great ending to a long journey.  And that afternoon he flew back to Arkansas for a job interview - which leads us to our next big announcement!

We have accepted a job at Fellowship Bible Church in Cabot, Arkansas!!  Bryan will be the Family Pastor and we could NOT be more excited!  This is a satellite campus of our home church in Little Rock, so it is somewhat familiar and yet very new.  We will be working alongside some very dear friends which is a huge blessing.  We are just eager to get there and dive in.

The way that God brought us to this point and this position could only be a work of His hand - which is so affirming.  We had actually been approached about the position a few other times but just never really gave it much serious thought.  We had a lot of assumptions (wrong ones) and it just didn't seem like the right fit.  And then Bryan got a text from Brad Herndon one day this spring asking if we were sure we weren't interested in the role.  We just laughed at how this job kept resurfacing - so we decided that we needed to at least pray about it and see what the Lord was up to.  It was astounding how quickly our attitudes began to change and we found ourselves drawn to find out more.  To make a long story short - within a few weeks we truly felt that God was at work and when Bryan went to visit after graduation - he walked away feeling like Cabot was the place for us.  Amazing!  His start date is July 15!!

And our last bit of news is that we have a contract on a house already!  I have not laid eyes on this house in person - which is hysterical to me!!  The first time I set foot in it will be the day that we close (July 9).  But Bryan, my Mom and Katherine have all seen it and they all said the same thing - this is the house for us!!  You would not believe the things that I am most excited about with this house - a garage, a pantry, 2 bathrooms, ceiling fans, a laundry room, a linen closet and just space!!  I wasn't gonna be too hard to please on this move.  Our apartment has been great - but we are ready for a place to really call home.  Here is a picture!  Isn't it cute!?

I truly cannot thank you all enough for supporting and encouraging us through this crazy journey!  We have been so blessed with friends and family!  Thank you for your prayers, for keeping up with us, for financial support, for EVERYTHING!  We could not have made it these 2 years without your constant support.  It has been felt and has made a huge impact on us.  We are forever grateful.

Here are a few more fun pics from the past month or so!

Our girl graduated too!!!  On to Kindergarden next year!  WOW!

Love these two boys!

Fun at ITZ Pizza - they had a ball!

  Happy Father's Day Bryan!  We love you!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh the joys of job searching!

Bryan graduates from seminary 1 month from today!!  The past 2 years have been some of the hardest of our lives, and yet God has been molding and refining us in totally new ways ... and it has been good.  We have been changed for the better and are excited about the next step in our journey ... wherever that takes us.

The job search has definitely dominated the conversations around here.  Not only are Bryan and I talking about it a lot, but we get asked about it as well.  Questions like "Are you looking in a specific area?" - "What kind of job are you looking for?" - etc.  Well, just so you all know.  We are looking all over!  Our preference would be a bit closer to family - but we are very open.  Bryan's real passions are discipleship and community so there are a number of roles that he could get excited about.  Positions like Discipleship Pastor, Small Group Pastor, Campus Pastor, Community Pastor, etc.  If you know if any positions open - please feel free to email Bryan or myself and let us know!

He has sent his resume to a few positions that we have heard about through different websites.  And he has had some really encouraging conversations with a few churches that we have connections with - but nothing official yet.  So there have been some positive things going on - but it is a bit of a waiting game at this point.

So that is where we are ... waiting.  It is hard because you send a resume off or have a conversation, and then all you can do is wait to hear something back.  Bryan is much better at this whole thing than I am.  It has been a bit of a roller coaster for me.  I know and trust that God has a GREAT plan for us - I don't doubt that one bit.  It is His timing that scares me.  Our baby boy is due June 9 and we need to be out of the apartment by August (since Bryan won't be a student anymore).  So really, we need to move by the end of July.  So for this "planner" - not having a plan for something this big that is just a few months away is really hard and scary for me.  And I am sure the pregnancy hormones aren't helping!

I tell you all of this to ask you to please pray for us if we cross your mind.  Please pray for God's very clear direction for us - we ONLY want to be where He wants us.  And I realize that this may not be in His plan, but I am praying for a job by the time we need to move.  Please also pray for faith and patience for us.  We all know how hard job searching can be - so please just pray that we can cling to the Lord and find rest knowing that He is in control.

SO ... on a lighter note!  We have a lot of fun things coming up which I am so thankful for.  We have a bunch of family coming to visit over the next month and a half.  Bryan is truly on the last stretch of school - it is gonna be such a great feeling when he is done with this semester!  We are under 2 months away for our baby boy being born and we are getting SO excited to meet him!  It is springtime which means amazing weather and we are spending a ton of time outside which is always a good thing.  So much to be thankful for!

We cannot thank you all enough for journeying with us over the last 2 years.  There have been a lot of ups and downs and your prayers and encouragement have truly helped carry us through the rougher waters.  You are each a blessing to us!

As always - a few pics!

The McConnells came in town for their spring break - all the cousins!

Easter - so precious!

 Handsome boy!

Such sweet friends - couldn't get a good pic of them standing still!

Fun at Pump it Up!  Gotta love Groupon!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh BOY!!

Well hello world!!  I feel like I have been in somewhat of a hybernation these last few weeks.  We have been soaking up time with my mom and this precious little addition to our family!  I proudly introduce you to our new neice - Macy Katherine McDonald!

What a joy this little girl is - and such a sweetie pie.  My Mom left today after being here for 10 whole days - so fun!  It has been really nice having so much family time - but it is time to get back into the swing if things and buckle down for these last couple months.  This semester is actually flying by!

I also want to introduce you to our youngest SON!

We found out on our anniversary that we are going to have another sweet little boy in our family!  We could not be more excited.  He is already very active in my tummy and keeping me on my toes.  It has been really fun watching our kids with baby Macy - knowing that they will be doting on their little brother in just a little over 3 months.  They have both been amazing with her and so sweet - very encouraging for me (especially with Drew).

On another note - we are getting Bryan's resume together this week and will begin the job hunt in March - CRAZY!!  I was looking at a few job postings on a website and it hit me that we could really end up anywhere by the end of the summer - and then I had to take some deep breaths.  I am truly excited about whatever God has in store for us - but it is a bit overwhelming to think about at times.  I share this with you because we truly covet your prayers.  I won't go into all the details about this move that are on my prayer list at this point - but suffice to say that we need God's timing to be over every detail in allowing things to fall into place.  This is just going to be a BIG summer!

Other than all that fun news - the only other thing going on around here is SNOW!!  We got about 20 inches a few weeks ago, and just about the time it had melted from the playground - we got another 10 inches!  It has been nuts!  But we have had a blast doing some sledding behind campus and just sunggling up and eating good soups.  And then yesterday is was like 55 degrees and sunny and it made me so ready for spring I can hardly stand it!  Colorado weather - we LOVE it!

Prayer Requests:

- Baby Boy - continued health and growth.  I am feeling much better thankfully, but will be very excited about not being pregnant after he is here! =)

- Job for Bryan - please pray for God's very clear direction and desire for us.  And pray that God would handle all the details.

- Bryan - just work and school alone take up 36 hours of his week, and that doesn't include all the reading and writing he has to do.  Pray for endurance and productivity.

- Finances - pray that God will provide what we need.

Love to you all!

As always - here are a few pics!

Crazy Snow!


Jordan's "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" for Valentine's Day!

Baby Macy just a few hours old!

This is the "backyard" to the seminary - awesome!

Thanks for journeying with us!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Deep Breath

Wow - where do I even begin!?  I have been thinking for some time that I need to update the blog, but to be honest - I just haven't had the energy or the clarity of mind to write down my thoughts!! =)  So much has happened over these last few months that it is too overwhelming to report on everything - so I will just deal with what is current.  And will post some fun pictures at the end to explain the rest.

Ever so thankful - things have changed a lot since my last post about our miscarriage.  God was so faithful and allowed us to get pregnant again the following month and I am now in my 17th week - crazy!  This pregnancy has been a bit of a roller coaster.  There was a lot of anxiety at the beginning following the early miscarriage that we had recently experienced.  And around the time I began to settle down - the nausea started.  With Jordan and Drew I had about 2 rough weeks and then I was good to go.  But I am still having some off days with this one.  I am a lot more tired and my stomach can be a bit of a mess at times.  One of the biggest triggers for my anxiety is sickness and obviously pregnancy has presented a lot of challenges in that area.  If I am being honest - it is a daily fight - but one that God helps me win most days.  We are praying that my energy will return soon and that I can "settle in" and enjoy this pregnancy.  We find out the gender in a few weeks so we are excited and praying for a healthy growing little Crowley.

We had a great Christmas holiday spending time with family in both Little Rock and Kansas City - we are so blessed.  We wish we could have seen all of our friends in both places, but we weren't in one place long enough to do much of that without it costing us family time.  But please know that we miss all of you and think about you often.  It has been a bit rough getting back into the swing of things this week - which may be good evidence that we were able to really relax and let down while we were away.  It was a much needed break before this last push!

Bryan is about to start his final semester of seminary!  It is going to be a very full spring for him with taking 16 hours and working 20-25 hours a week - but I know he can do it.  I could NOT be more proud of my husband - it has been no easy task!  He has had to juggle school, work and family and has done an amazing job.  He has jokingly said a number of times, "I may not be smarter when I graduate seminary, but I will be older."  God has grown both of us in ways that we would have never fathomed and while it has been hard, it has been very good.

As we look ahead, it is hard for Bryan and I not to get too overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.  Between finishing seminary well, looking for a job, having a baby and hopefully moving by July or August - we have just a few things on our prayer list!  When I look at it as a whole it feels daunting and impossible.  But one of the big things that this "planner" has been learning over the last year is how to take life one day at a time.  Honestly - we are truly so excited about whatever lies ahead.  We know that God has a perfect plan for us and we find amazing peace in that.  We are so ready to settle in somewhere and have a new place to call home.  It is as if we having been missing it without even knowing where it is!  And yet - that is this life isn't it?  God is preparing the ultimate home for us.  And that longing for home is the echo of eternity in our hearts - when we can be with our Father!

Well this momma is needing to get dinner going in a few minutes so I need to wrap this thing up!  Here are a few of our prayer requests:

- Baby #3 - Please pray for health for both baby and momma.  Pray for energy for me and against any anxiety.  With all the changes coming (mixed with pregnancy hormones) I know there will be some "uneasy" days.  Please pray that I can take everything in stride and hold tight to God's very capable hand.

- Bryan - pray for strength and endurance to finish this race well.  It is encouraging to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is still long.  There is still a lot to be done.

- Job after seminary - the job search will begin in the next few months and while we are excited about where we will end up, job hunting is just hard.  Please pray that God would direct us and that we would be sensitive to His leading.

- Finances - oh how I long to not have this on our prayer list!  Bryan is increasing his hours of work (which will be a bit of a stretch for him), but we are still going to come up a bit short.  With what has been given and pledged, we need about $5,000 to not have to take out a loan.  We know God will provide however He wants to.  He has already provided so much (example: I was approved for Medicaid so this baby will not be stressful for us financially - HUGE praise)!  And so many of you have sacrificed to help us out and believe me when I say that we are humbled and amazingly grateful - and our prayer for you is that God would bless you back abundantly!  However - the need remains.  If you would be interested in helping us out, please send any contributions to the following address (and all contributions are tax deductible):

Fellowship Bible Church
Attn: Rosie Stephens
1401 Kirk Road
Little Rock, AR  72223

Ok - so here are a few pictures to highlight the past 3 to 4 months!

Our big girl turned 5!  She is such a joy!

Drew learned to ride his big boy bike!

 Halloween is always so much fun!  We had Jessie and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

 The holidays in Colorado!

Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks for reading and keeping up with us!